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The Room

A safe sits in an otherwise empty room; on top a cryptic letter with a key attached awaits you.  So begins The Room, a new “escape the room” style puzzle game from Fireproof Games.  Now both the name is a bit deceptive as the game has nothing to do with the room or escaping from [...]

Max Payne Mobile

Back in 2001 a little company called Remedy Entertainment released a gamed called Max Payne.  The noir story of a undercover cop on the run is most famous for bringing the bullet-time feature to video games.  As a fan of pulp and noir it was a favorite of mine back in the day, with the [...]

Draw Something and Tiny Towers

This is going to be a double review for a pair of mobile games that have been devouring my time of late.  Tiny Tower and Draw Something.  First let’s get the latter out of the way.

Draw Something is essentially a Pictionary version of Words with Friends.  You and a buddy take turns drawing something from [...]

Hero Academy

A while back I talked about a game called Orcs Must Die by Robot Entertainment.  Lately their newest game Hero Academy has been devouring my time.  It is a turn based strategy game for iPhone that plays a little like a fantasy chess game.  In fact it reminds me of the old Battle Chess games [...]

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a simple story of a man and his jetpack as told by the official trailer at developer Halfbrick.  It’s a simple game, but one that appears to be laced with crack cocaine since once you pick it up hours go by without you realizing it.  I actually downloaded it right after Christmas [...]

Gamebook Adventures

In my post about PAX the other day I mentioned a little game called Gamebook Adventures by a little company called Tin Man Games.  They had an ad in the PAX guide that lead me and a buddy up to their booth hidden away on the sixth floor of the convention center .  There we [...]

Cut the Rope

I’ve recently  found a new iphone gaming obsession in ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope.  It’s a deceptively simple puzzle game that for the last few days has been bringing smiles and bouts of outrageous cussing to my house.

The simple premise is that a cardboard box arrives on your door step, containing within an adorable alien creature [...]


Ninjump is my new spare moments addiction.    You know those spare moments you find yourself in when your waiting at the doctor’s office, or stuck in line at the bank.  Enough time to get bored but not enough to really get into anything with any real depth.  Well Ninjump is perfect for those times.

It’s a [...]

Zombie Farm

Zombies, gotta love them.  And lately those always lovable rotting denizens of the undead have been eating up a good chunk of my time courtesy of Playforge’s game Zombie Farm.

It’s an odd concept really, possibly inspired a bit by the hit Plants vs Zombies which I reviewed awhile back.  Essentially you’re a farmer growing a [...]


I’ve always been a fan of strategy games, especially turn based games.  As fun as an RTS can be I often prefer the more relaxed tactical game play of turn based fare.  More chess style tactics and less zerg rushing.  Your forced to use more thought in your choices and far less twitch.  As I’ve [...]