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Lego Slave 1

Many moons ago I reviewed the Lego Millennium Falcon, and soon after I picked up its sworn enemy the Slave 1.  Ship of the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett.  It’s a smaller set, about half the size in fact, and also half the price at $79.99.  Once again however I was lucky to get it on sale for ten bucks less than that.  It is definitely an odd looking ship, but it’s very cool.  So here we have another pictorial review for your enjoyment.


The set is a mere 569 pieces, but that still means a pair of instruction manuals are required to assemble it.  It is deceptively complex, and the internal structure is a mess of moving parts which allow the wings and internal cockpit assembly to rotate as the ship moves.  It’s a pretty sweet gimmick.


Along with this the ship also ends up with several fold out missile banks that reside in hidden panels, and a storage bay in which to haul all your carbonite frozen prey.  It also comes with a nice selection of mini figures to recreate your favorite scenes.  Boba Fett is of coures there, as is a Han frozen in carbonite square, behind which a minifigure can be placed when you want to thaw them.  In this case Han Solo himself.  You also get a Bossk figure to help load the ship.


It really captures the look of the ship in the movie I think.  It looks patched and battle damaged and just a little menacing.  It is a great display piece, and solid enough for light play.  It looks even better on my shelf beside the Millennium Falcon.  Highly recommend it if you can find it.  Its a great set that gives a really great depiction of a classic sci-fi icon for a decent price.  Once again I think Lego has hit it out of the park.

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