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Field of Dishonor (Honor Harrington Series, Book 4)
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Our cast

T’Chai the Thri’Kreen Monk played by Lars
Nikelos the Human Swordmage played by Chris H
Brogan the Half-Elf Ardent played by Jason
Taith the Mul Barbarian played by Jessica

The sun beat down upon our party as they headed north from Wheelock’s lair, working their way towards Alturak.  On the way the wasting sickness of the Thrax had begun to consume Brogan and T’Chai, and their stores of survival days had begun to run low.  Halfway to their destination they saw a cloud of dust ahead, and soon enough a lone man being chased by four soldiers upon the backs of vicious Crodlus.  They watched as he was struck down, then Brogan, in a fit of anger and hunger leapt forth to attack.

We were down two players for this session, which should have made the coming combat go much quicker, unfortunately things did not turn out as expected.  The combat actually ended up taking over two hours.  A mix of bad dice rolls and the fact that Brogan has built himself up as a pseudo tank with damage resistance abilities and a weakening aura.  The party couldn’t hit a thing, and my soldiers simply couldn’t do enough damage to be effective.

Honestly it was a perfect storm of all the things I dislike about D&D combat.  Usually there are enough cool things going on to keep things interesting, but I think this one left us all bored to death.  Thankfully we did make it through the combat and got into some fun RP.

The slain man who had been attacked turned out to be a messenger from Alturak, sent out to alert other towns that the trade post had fallen.  They were also attempting to organize a counter offensive to take it back from the forces of Urik.  The party stripped the soldiers, hoping to use their armor later, and then continued north, waiting to see the state of the fortress before choosing their course of action.

As they made camp for the night Brogan once again lost control, this time attacking Taith.  T’Chai had had been feeding on vermin he found, along with occasion drinks for Taith.  Brogan however had been abstaining, trying to control the hunger the Thrax had been building inside him.  Finally losing control he latched onto the barbarian, his uncontrollable feeding threatening to take her life.  The party was forced to attack Brogan, knocking him unconscious and then binding him.  In an attempt to sate his thirst they bound one of the Crodlus they had obtained from the soldiers and let Brogan rip it apart until he dropped again in to a sated coma.

It should be interesting to see how they deal with both the fall of Alturak and Brogan’s loss of control.  They need both a staff and a magical tome last seen in the Fortress to complete their ultimate goal.  Of course they also need to find a cure for their stricken comrades and simply try to survive in a world that is quickly running out of save havens.

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